What are Aspect Medi-facials?
Ideal treatments for when a peel is not the best option or to support the peel’s outcome.
Indications for Aspect Medi-facials:
• Impaired Barrier
• Dehydration
• New Client/Patient
• Preparing skins prior to having Microdermabrasion, Peeling, Needling, IPL/Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatments or   Surgery
• A booster treatment in between Microdermabrasion, Peels, Needling or IPL/Laser Skin Rejuvenation (Allow 1 week   in between treatments)

Types of Medi-facials offered at Third Avenue Beauty & Laser:

Little Beach Beauty Boost

A gentle nourishing and calming facial.

Suitable For:
• New Clients/Patients that only want a consultation
• Clients/Patients that are time poor
• Extremely sensitised skins
• 1 week post peel as Microdermabrasion/Dermaplaning, Peeling, Needling, IPL or Laser Skin Rejuvenation or Surgery to assist with excess flaking

Medi Detox Facial

A deep cleansing detoxifying facial treatment for impure, clogged and congested skin types. An ideal deep cleansing treatment that may be administered in between Jungle Brew Peels.

Suitable For:
• Open and closed comedones, papules and pustules
• Oily and congested
• New Clients/Patients in need of decongesting but are not ready for peeling
• Alternative treatment to peels to aid with extractions. Must allow at least 5 days post peel

Third Avenue Medi Facial

A deeply hydrating, relaxing antioxidant facial treatment for all skin types in need of a little TLC. An ideal skin conditioning treatment suitable as a peel substitute when a peel is not the best option or as a way of introducing a first time client/patient to active skin care.

Suitable For:
• New Clients/Patients in need of intense hydration
• Dehydrated or Sensitive skins that are not ready for peeling

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